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Play Better Golf in 14 Days

Stop Embarrassing Yourself on the Golf Course and Start Playing Better Golf

You know golf can be frustrating – it can be an emotional roller coaster. You play the game and struggle… or worse, give it up entirely. If you continue to play, you return to the links hoping that somehow you’ll have a better outcome than the one before. You remember those great shots you made, savor them, and keep playing the game hoping to recapture that experience. But then, dejection follows… like a thief in the night that steals your confidence and turns a perfectly enjoyable activity into a nightmare!

A Note to Bobby’s Followers

As most of you know, Bobby passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. The loss of this amazing man will be felt by those who knew and loved him for all time. Golf was Bobby’s passion and he loved nothing more than helping others learn and improve their game — and have FUN doing it. Although face-to-face instruction is no longer an option, he left behind his best-selling golf instruction book. No matter your skill level — it’s PACKED with proven pro-level instruction to start, improve and tighten up your game with impressive accuracy, precision and power. It would please him greatly to know that you can still transform your game through the blueprint he developed for you. For a start, you’ll need a callaway edge golf clubs set.

How to End Frustration, Gain Confidence and
Start Making Dependable, Straight Shots

To play better golf – and that’s what you want, right!? – you start with a golf swing you’re comfortable with and that you can dependably repeat without really thinking much about it …

…as if you’re on autopilot.

NO more teeth grinding… FEWER embarrassing shots… FEWER frustrating rounds of golf!

My specialty is teaching the one plane swing. It is simply the best possible way to swing a golf club. You’ll learn more from me in 1-hour than in 30 hours with another instructor.

I have the training, experience, and knowledge to help you play better golf – no matter what your level of play.

I’ve been playing for over 50 years and studied with some of the best golf instructors… and I can fix just about ANY swing.

In only a few lessons you’ll learn how to…

  • Stop struggling with the same frustrations and finally break the scores you’ve dreamed of
  • Hit straighter… farther… faster… and more accurately than ever before
  • Grip your clubs to overcome your natural tendency to hook or slice the ball
  • Eliminate erratic shots that add strokes to your game
  • Correct your slice once and for all
  • Stop adding strokes because your making the same mistakes over and over in every round

You will get a more natural, powerful swing — one that’s on plane according to your body’s own mechanics — and a swing that delivers a longer, more accurate ball.

Your golf buddies will be astounded when you line up in the tee box, swing with confidence and hit the ball long and straight at your target… nearly every time you swing!

The one plane swing is much more simple and efficient — it’s not at all difficult to learn.

After just one lesson, you’ll see noticeable improvement in your swing, and once you get it, you will start making more consistent, straight shots with fewer hooks and slices… drop strokes off your game… without the need for endless hours of practice on the range… and that adds up to improved scores, a lower handicap, and a lot more fun on the golf course.

Another great benefit of the one plane swing is that it’s much easier on your body because it requires less twisting. If you suffer with back pain, maybe even to the point where you stopped playing, this swing can help you get back to the game.

I do offer traditional instruction, but if you want to become a more consistent, confident player, in nearly all cases the conventional two plane swing is NOT the best choice for most golfers. It’s one of the hardest swings to learn because your hands and club must follow several planes — and that requires impeccable timing — it’s a physically demanding swing with a lot more moving parts, and it requires a lot more practice than the one plane swing.

Now, you may be thinking “…I don’t want to completely dismantle my swing” or “…the conventional swing is what I know“. Understood, but I would ask you to consider this…

…Although it takes a bit of effort to learn the one plane swing – just like anything that’s new – the rewards you get are well worth it. Adopt the one plane swing and you’ll become a much better ball striker than you have ever been before – and it won’t take you long to get there!

For you to play better golf, you have to improve your golf swing. This means making a few adjustments. Improving your swing takes commitment, focus and determination. Are you willing to pay the freight for a big reward?

What is the one plane swing?

It’s a swing that is easy for most players to learn … and here’s why…

  • The one plane is a flatter swing that starts and finishes on one plane
  • The one plane swing places your club square to the ball at impact
  • The one plane swing is a simpler swing motion that requires far less body rotation and movement which makes it easier on your back, hips, shoulders, knees and ankles
  • The one plane swing allows you to hit straighter shots with more power because there’s less rotation – you swing on one plane instead of two
  • The one plane swing is preferred because you can hit more consistent, repeatable shots with fewer hooks and slices

The one plane golf swing is not new. Amateur golfers have been using it successfully for decades. Tour players known to use their own version of the one plane swing include…

  • Steve Stricker
  • Brian Gay
  • Carl Pettersson
  • Matt Kucher
  • Tom Pernice
  • Ben Hogan
  • Moe Norman

Today, the one plane swing is finally getting the recognition it deserves. In fact, it’s growing in popularity because it’s a swing that is more repeatable, requires less practice, is easier on the back, and you will find yourself making more consistent shots with fewer hooks and slices.

Why the one plane swing works

  • Produces more consistent ball striking
  • Helps to eliminate bad shots… which leads to lower scores
  • Requires less body rotation… which means it’s easier on your back, hips, shoulders, knees and ankles…
  • Is easier to learn and this gives players who might have quit playing – thinking it’s just too hard or frustrating – the incentive to give golf another chance

The one plane swing is a method that is helping golfers improve their game

  • For high, mid or low handicappers, the one plane swing is probably the quickest way to lower your score.

This is because with the one plane swing, you’re far more likely to hit the ball straight almost every time you address it

  • You’ll learn how to eliminate those bad shots that keep you from scoring well.

You’ll spend less time on the driving range working on your swing and more time on your short game where 60% of scoring actually occurs.

  • People with business, family or travel can enjoy a fun, respectable and rewarding round of golf without the need for constant practice.
  • You’ll feel the power and efficiency of the swing immediately with the drills and adjustments in your swing I recommend for you.

With more consistent ball striking and an improved short game using the recommended practice techniques, you’ll improve your scores in a very short time.

  • The one plane swing requires less body twisting, so it puts less stress on your body.

You can play more and with less discomfort… which enables you to play the game you love.

Give me a few hours and I’ll make you a better player

With the one plane swing, you’ll have a lot less frustration… and a lot more fun on the golf course!