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Why I Specialize in the One Plane Swing

The One Plane Swing

I teach the one plane swing because it works better than any other golf swing. It’s easier to learn, it’s repeatable, it’s easier on your back, and you’ll see measurable results quickly… without having to spend hours and hours on the practice range.

“The harder you practice, the luckier you get.” –Gary Player

The one plane swing was originally developed by the legendary Moe Norman, a professional golfer from Canada, whose record of success still stands today. He was, and remains, the world’s best ball striker.

Tour players Steve Stricker, Brian Gay and Carl Pettersson are successfully using a modified version of the one plane swing. These guys play for big money, so you know they wouldn’t be using this swing if it didn’t make them better players.


John Sinker (Oxnard, CA) says…
“I really enjoyed the lessons and learned a lot. However, I did not pick up a club for over 6 months and when I went to the driving range it was a disaster!! You offered a “tune up” but I have not done anything since. I highly recommended you to two people – one neighbor who goes to the golf course most mornings at the crack of dawn to practice for an hour or so. He says he is not doing well, so I HIGHLY recommended he contact you. Don’t see him much so I don’t know if he did. As for me, my vision is poor which bothers me a lot – planning on having a cornea transplant before the end of the year, then, hopefully I can maybe even see the ball land!!”