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The Truth About Single Length Golf Clubs

After playing golf for nearly 50 years, it’s fair to say I’ve tried every major golf club there is. Most of the big names build very respectable clubs and irons, but for a variety of reasons, I have never been completely satisfied with any of them.

That dissatisfaction kept me searching for clubs that would work better for me, and my pursuit eventually led me to the One Iron Golf System.

What are One Iron Golf Clubs?

Single-Length Golf Clubs

Single-Length Golf Clubs

These are golf clubs that are all the same length — custom fitted to my body.  Head weight, shaft weight, grip weight, swing weight, flex point and center of gravity are identical in all of my clubs, making the overall feel the same from one club to another.

From my own experience, I’ve come to the opinion that single-length sets are superior to conventional sets.

One Irons vs Conventional Sets

Conventional irons and woods from club makers such as Callaway or Titleist are made with a ½ inch incremental progression between each club and varying club head lie angles throughout a set. Besides your driver and putter, this means you carry 12 clubs… with 12 different lengths… and 12 different lie angles.

This is done so that anyone can walk into a golf shop and buy a set of clubs that will come close to fitting you right off the shelf, regardless of your size.

Because building clubs this way is standard practice, most golfers take it for granted that the progressive lengths are essential to the game. The reality is that building clubs and woods to different lengths has nothing to do with performance. This is done solely for the benefit of mass production — it’s simply cheaper to do it this way.

Proper custom fitting from the manufacturer has been abandoned altogether, which in fairness, would be impossible anyway. But the practice of adding length to each club simply does not make for better golf. The loft angle is what matters for loft and distance.

How Single-Length Sets of Golf Clubs Can Maximize Your Golfing Potential

Single-length golf clubs and the one plane swing were made for each other. The one plane swing produces a dramatic increase in ball striking consistency because there are fewer moving parts. Add a set of clubs that have the same length, weight, flex, etc., and you’ve got a powerful match.

One Swing PlaneWith a conventional set of clubs, you must learn and master 12 different swings using 12 different postures, swing planes, and ball positions. This means a lot of practice and it’s likely you’re going to have trouble making this work for you consistently.

With a set of clubs all the same length and custom fitted to you along with the one plane swing, you concentrate on one swing… one posture… one ball position. This makes it easy and repeatable.

This chart shows the loft, lie, weight, offset and bounce of every iron in a set of one irons:


IronLoft AngleLie AngleHead WeightOffsetBounce
3 Iron1963.5273 g3.175 mm3
4 Iron2363.5273 g3.175 mm3
5 Iron2763.5273 g3.175 mm3
6 Iron3163.5273 g3.175 mm3
7 Iron3563.5273 g3.175 mm3
8 Iron3963.5273 g3.175 mm3
9 Iron4363.5273 g3.175 mm3
PW4763.5273 g3.175 mm3
GW5163.5273 g3.175 mm3
SW5563.5273 g3.175 mm3
LW5963.5273 g3.175 mm3


With every club the same length, every club in your bag will feel like that favorite iron you find so comfortable. Every club in the set fits property which allow you to make a fluid, power swing.

It just makes sense that in order for you to maximize your golfing potential, all of the irons within your set should have the same fitting and dynamic attributes as your favorite iron (same length, weight, flex, etc.).

The benefits of a set of single length clubs will allow you to experience your true ball striking potential…

  • One swing and one swing plane for all of the irons
  • One set-up and ball position at address for all of the irons

The Results

  • Dramatic improvement in ball striking
  • Greater power that produces increased distance with every iron in the bag
  • Stunning control/accuracy for pin-point shot making

Why I Recommend Same Length 1 Iron Golf Clubs

  • Design Consistency. The 1 Irons are very consistent in their design. There is no progressive offset, no weight change with the Sand Wedge, or no variation in bounce (except for the Sand Wedge) with the 1 Irons.
  • Full Set of Clubs. Although most people have trouble hitting a conventional 3-iron and would do better with a hybrid, the 1 Irons still offer a full set for those that want to go all irons.
  • Loft/Lie Drift. Because the 1 Irons are made with a harder-type cast steel (17-4 stainless), you won’t have to worry as much about the loft and lie angles drifting over time.
  • Left Handed Clubs. If you are a left-handed golfer, fortunately they are available for you.
  • Customer Service. It is excellent. They have responded thoughtfully to every email I’ve ever sent and every phone call I’ve made. And I’m not alone. Other people around the internet seem to have the same experience as me.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. You have to be willing to step outside the box to try same length clubs, and the fact is that they won’t be for everyone. If you aren’t sure, you can order them without fear because you have the option of getting your money back in full — with no questions asked. I don’t know of any other custom club maker that offers a risk-free guarantee like this.
  • Discounts and Coupons. You’ll get some special bonuses when you mention a Coupon Code 10602 with your purchase.

Every year new golf clubs come on the market and each manufacturer raves about all the new specs and improvements that lead you to believe that new club is the one that will finally improve your rounds.

Problem with that theory is that every year supposedly brings a better club. If that were true, then why have golf scores not improved over the past 75 years?

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of all the shiny new toys, but try to resist temptation — don’t plunk down your hard earned cash unless you’re confident the latest and greatest will benefit your game, especially if you are new to golf.

Finding Your Ideal Set

The feel of your irons and the swing you use is essential for consistency and successful golf. Every year new golf clubs come on the market and each manufacturer raves about all the new specs and improvements that lead you to believe that the new club is the one that will finally improve your rounds.

As I said at the beginning of this — I’ve tried every major golf club there is, and I believe that single-length clubs make the most sense for most players.

If you’re considering new clubs, I would love to discuss my reasons for recommending the one irons with you. Call me at 805-275-2236.

Ready to try single length golf clubs?

Single Length Clubs Coupon Code

  1. Go to and make you club selection.
  2. Enter your wrist-to-floor measurement, right or left hand and quantity … click “Add to Shopping Cart” button.
  3. On the Shopping Cart page, enter coupon code 10602 — you’ll get a nice gift.

Questions? Give me a call…





About Bobby Lewis

My specialty is teaching the one plane swing. It is simply the BEST way to swing a golf club. I have the experience, training and knowledge to help you play better golf and enjoy the game more — no matter what your level of play — and I can fix just about ANY swing. I’ve been playing 51 years, studied with some of the best golf instructors in the business… and my teaching methods work. See what my students say…

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  1. Martin Hawkins says

    Hi Bobby just signed up for your email today and here is my question, Moe Norman swing and Jim Hardys method are considered flat yet DeChambeau swing is considered upright why ?

    • Hello Martin and thank you for your question today.

      Moe Norman and Jim Hardy both taught a swing to the top keeping the lead
      arm angled across the chest so the arms would be parallel to the shoulders.
      This creates balance and consistent delivery of power to the ball via the
      shoulders. The traditional two plane swing requires you to re-route the arm
      and club, from a position above the shoulders, using more rotation to reach
      a straight arm position in relationship to the shaft at impact.

      The One Plane Swing eliminates the need to re-route the club. It’s similar
      to a baseball swing or I like to call it skipping a rock. Bryson DeChambeau
      is 6′ 1″ tall and stands more upright now than from his original setup
      position and has had his clubs modified to setup on the same plane angle on
      every iron. Whats important to note is Bryson starts and finish’s on the
      same swing axes every time. In addition, he has had to replace his grips
      with the Jumbomax grips that are +3/8 inch over standard. This modification
      allows his pinky fingers to hold onto the club, which helps to keep the
      shaft angle more upright.

      There are several tour players that swing on the same axes, they don’t
      swing their hands above the shoulders but stay at the shoulder height or
      below when at the top of their swing.

      I personally use and teach the Moe Norman and Jim Hardy methodology as they
      taught it. There are no two swings alike in golf and there will always be
      slight variations of each. But it is understood that most successful single
      axes swingers swing flatter than upright. Bryson DeChambeau’s most recent
      set of clubs by Cobra were ground and bent to fit the bio-mechanics of his
      swing. He just choose’s to swing more upright, but note it is a one plane
      circle on every shot.

      Hope this helps, thank you again


  2. David Porter says

    what about same length driver and fairway metals?

  3. “You don’t have the game you played last year or last week. You only have today’s game. It may be far from your best, but that’s all you’ve got. Harden your heart and make the best of it.” -Walter Hagen

  4. Hi Everyone talks about same ball position etc in general what is the ball position.
    I think the set I ordered will be the same size of my current seven iron so do I assume I use that ball position or is it trial and error I currently play off 17 but gave golf away for a few years I use to play off ten and would like to get as close to that again.
    I am 63 now do you think these irons will make it easier for me.
    I am looking forward to getting them in about 10 days.

  5. jim scaggs says

    what will the cost be for a set of clubs

    • Hello Jim,

      The cost of a set of 1-Iron clubs will depend entirely on what you choose. I suggest contacting them directly to discuss your needs. David Lake is very personable and willing to talk with you.

      All the best…

  6. Are 1irons really an option for seniors without them offering graphite shafts?

    • Mike, graphite shafts are a personal preference for many seniors, but not necessarily ideal for all irons. I suggest contacting David Lake at to discuss your needs with him. All the best to you.


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