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How to Play Better Golf and STOP Embarrassing Yourself

and STOP Embarrassing Yourself

If you want to STOP embarrassing yourself on the golf course…
lower your golf scores… finally BREAK 80… and have a lot more FUN…
this may be the MOST IMPORTANT material you’ll ever read.

How to Play Better Golf Without Embarrassing Yourself

Now, Imagine You Simply and Easily…

  • Drop 6 or more strokes off your scores in just a few weeks…
  • Gain 100% more skill and confidence… and…
  • Have a lot more FUN playing?

You Absolutely CAN Play Better Golf…
Using My Simple, Easy to Understand Golf Guide…
a COMPLETE Step-by-Step Blueprint
That Guides You to Real TANGIBLE RESULTS
for a Lifetime of Good Golf!

Use my battle-hardened golf tips and you WILL see dramatic improvement in your game and drop at least six or more strokes in just a few weeks. You’ll finally start to play golf better as it’s meant to be played… and have a lot more fun!

Imagine the day you’re out at the top golf breaks uk with a few of your buddies. You step up to the first tee… and RIP a huge drive straight down the middle of the fairway!

Think of the look on their faces when you hit the green for the 5th time in a row and effortlessly drop your 2nd birdie putt?

Picture their jaws drop when you finish your game 6–10 strokes under your normal scores and you blow away any lead they may have had.

The 6 CRITICAL Areas You Must Make a Concentrated Effort to
PLAY BETTER GOLF and Improve Your Scores Are Your…

  1. Driving Accuracy
  2. Scoring Shots
  3. Bunker Play
  4. Short Game
  5. Putting
  6. Strategy
  7. The golf cart resource

It starts with your commitment to practice at least three hours a week. You’ll use this time to follow the PLAN I’ve given you. If you dedicate this time in an organized manner, I GUARANTEE that your overall game and scores will improve. 

Golf really is an EASY game —

When you have the right instruction, that is

I’ll show you the EXACT steps to —

  • Drive your ball off the tee with pinpoint accuracy
  • Hit tee shots 20 to 45 yards further than you ever have before
  • Eliminate that wicked slice or hook
  • Crush longer drives straight down the center of the fairway
  • Discover the keys to successful sand play
  • Blast out of greenside bunkers with enough forward momentum to land your ball exactly at your target
  • How to effectively play from the rough to get your ball back in play safely
  • Hit more greens with fewer strokes
  • Dramatically improve your chipping technique to avoid hitting thin or fat shots, flying the ball too far… or not far enough
  • Gain TOTAL confidence on putts of any length
  • Stop struggling and end frustration with the game

When you apply these real-world pro tips, you will have the UNFAIR advantage during play (perfectly legal!)… YOU need this proven golf instruction program!

You’re getting a collection of amazingly simple, wickedly effective golf tips and techniques that WILL transform your game.

Why am I so confident these methods will change your game for good?

Because I personally developed and use them… and they enabled me to elevate my game from average player to professional level.

Your drives will explode off the tee with more power and go 20–45 yards further than ever before. You will hit more greens in regulation. You will chip and putt with pinpoint accuracy. You will see your scores improve by at least 3–10 strokes.

If you aren’t experiencing this exhilaration in your game, you should be. Of course, you can do much better with my system.


Why Another “How to Play Golf” Book?

Because I love the game… and so I’m about to share with you some of the secret weapons and powerful strategies I know actually work. You could say I’m paying it forward for all the help I’ve been given as a player.

The major flaw in other golf instruction books is that the vast majority of authors who produce them haven’t had much, if ANY, experience actually playing the game. These people are nothing more than weekend warriors or marketers who re-write other golf tips books. Also, take a look at these leather golf bags and other items to improve your skills on the field.

What you’re getting with my guide is experience from a seasoned player of over 49 years.
This information painlessly guides you to a higher level of play than you’ve ever experienced before…
at your own pace.

Don’t expect to find the usual text-book methods some instructors put out. Many of my techniques are not taught anywhere else… yet they are highly effective.

Every time I’m at the course I see guys and gals using laser-like focus trying to improve and reach that magic ‘break 80’ point. Because most never get proper instruction, the biggest percentage of them don’t make that breakthrough. Instead, they grind it out.. frustration eventually sets in… and the fun disappears.

When you follow my proven program, you’ll easily become a better, more confident player. That’s because all my techniques come from my own experimentation… years of trial and error to find out what works to improve play… and what doesn’t.

Nothing comes close. I’m giving you the whole game and all it’s components, not just a few vague techniques. You get the ENTIRE game plan…

And you’re getting all this at a fraction of the cost of what a professional instructor would charge for information that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.

Golf isn’t an easy game to learn… for some it can be pure gut wrenching agony. To be a good player, you need an honest guide that gives you a realistic, simple, step-by-step plan to make it easier for you to play the game well, get lower scores and enjoy yourself doing it.

When I started out so many years ago, good instruction like this wasn’t all that easy to come by… especially the kind of in-depth information I wanted.

Here is Just a Fraction of What You’ll Discover
Inside “38 Tips for Breaking 80″…

  • The mental game of golf is one of concentration and confidence. I’ll show you how to clear your mind… use laser-like focus… and play in the moment for each shot
  • Why your pre-shot routine is as important as good swing mechanics
  • Find that special groove where you’re relaxed, alert and fully conscious (and dangerous to the competition) throughout your entire game
  • Discover EXACTLY how to fix that “butt ugly swing”
  • These swing faults make it IMPOSSIBLE to play good golf. Find out what they are and how to finally eliminate them from your game forever
  • Learn the fundamentals of the golf stance to ensure proper balance and weight distribution
  • Hit great shots with 100% confidence by learning how to hold and grip a golf club like the top touring pros
  • Do you know the different types of grips and how to use them? I’ll demonstrate each and explain how they can make a difference in your swing
  • How making minor adjustments to your hand positioning can help you hit a draw or fade without altering your swing path
  • No more ‘hit and hope’. Gain complete mastery over your chip shots when you avoid this one thing
  • Discover this one astonishingly easy, mostly unknown technique you can use when hitting a bunker shot. It requires almost no athleticism and it’s highly repeatable
  • Avoid the most common mistake players make when hitting out of fairway and greenside bunkers
  • Go from average ball striker to jaw-dropping power when you discover how to transform your backswing / downswing
  • Good putting can make up a lot of strokes and bring your handicap down. All great putters all have at least one thing in common… I’ll reveal their secret so you can use it to putt with TOTAL confidence
  • Steel vs Graphite… beginner or advanced player… the golf equipment you choose can make a tremendous difference in your game. Which is best. I’ll cover the benefits and downsides
  • Learn how to practice WITHOUT any equipment
  • Plus much MUCH More!

So Much of What You Find on ‘Improving Your Golf Game’…
is NOT Written by Someone Who Actually Knows How to Play


  1. … A marketer with NO real understanding of the game and loaded with inaccurate instruction. Golf swing tips, putting techniques, training aids, and all the rest are fine. You’re NOT going to play better golf if you’re taken down the wrong path.
  2. … A kid living with his or her parents… who has no real experience playing the game. There’s a big difference between regurgitating methods learned scouring the Internet and having real world experience. I’m an experienced golfer with over 49 years involvement in golf. I didn’t just pop up yesterday and pronounce myself a golf guru. Nor do I live in my parent’s back room or basement with no bills to pay. I’m a seasoned professional player and entrepreneur running a real golf business.
  3. … People with no golfing skill or experience other than the fact that they wrote an e-book. God bless them. I wish them great success. They are probably good, well-intentioned people just trying to make a buck. But do YOU want to base YOUR game improvement on their systems? After all, anyone with a computer can write an e-book.
  4. … People with no real clue… they are total newbies who are just trying to figure things out. I’ve heard about people giving golf instruction who work at fast food restaurants for a living. Give me a break. They may be good people… but again, if you have a real desire to improve your handicap and break 80, you can’t afford this fast-food priced golf instruction.
  5. … To cover everything for everybody and takes reams of paper just to print out. I mean, some instruction covers every method ever invented! But which ones are going to work for you in your game? That’s a crap shoot.

You don’t want to waste a lot of time and energy reading and wading through crappy, totally wrong instruction. If you identify with any of the above, then you’ll find my approach to be a breath of fresh air. I have refined this program down to a simple, easy science. The system is practical, logical, tested and proven.

Here’s a Sneak-Peak into Breaking 80…

Week #1 It’s important to know your yardages. To accurately determine what they are, take your 8-iron through LW and hit 10 practice balls with each on the practice range. Try to do this on a day with little wind and hit from a flat spot. Measure your distances with a rangefinder to be as accurate as possible and mark them down for each club in a notebook you carry in your bag.

Week #2 Determine what your go-to drive will be. Is it a draw… a fade… or straight down the middle? Practice hitting 10 balls at your target as accurately as you can on the range or a practice fairway, and mark its trajectory (draw, fade or straight shot) in your notebook. Learn this and you’ll be on your way to breaking 80.

Week #3 Pitch and Putt. Find a practice green with flags of varying distances. Use all of your wedges and scoring irons (8-iron and 9-iron). Hit 10 balls to each target with the goal of getting every shot within 5 feet of the pin. Remember to use the same basic swing every time but with a variety of clubs. To do this drill successfully, pick your landing spots carefully and take note of how much roll you get from each of your short-game clubs.

Week #4 Mark a spot on the practice green and from 10 feet, try to roll your ball onto the spot. Once it comes to rest, roll another ball just past the first, as close to it as you can. Don’t come up short — if you do, you have to start over. Your goal is to put 10 balls into a 10-foot area, each one just a bit farther away than the previous ball.

Week #5 For every round you play in the remaining days of this 6-week plan — and beyond if you’re serious about dropping your handicap – write down your scores on all par 3s and par 5s in your notebook. The key for shaving strokes on par-3s is to aim for the center of green. If it’s a longer par-3 you don’t feel you can reach, aim to place the ball at the front of the green. It’s easier to get up and down for par there than it is from a hazard. The worst thing you can do is to shoot at a flag that’s surrounded by trouble and wind up with double — or triple bogey. On these holes, be happy with a “4” and think of “3” as a bonus. Forget about birdies here.

On par 5s, you need to carefully consider whether or not you have a realistic chance to reach the green in two, even with your very best drive. If not, choose a more conservative club off the tee. Use the same thought process from the fairway: don’t automatically assume you’re going for the green in two. In fact, the only time you should go for the green is if you can reach the greenside bunkers with a comfortable shot with your longest club. If you can’t, you’re better off laying up to a nice wedge distance (refer to the distances you established in Week One.

Week #6 From a practice bunker, drop 10 balls in the sand. Hit all 10 with the simple goal of getting each one out on the first try. When you leave one in the sand, start over until you can get all 10 out in a row.
Perform at least four 10-ball sessions to firm up your bunker play.

Here’s What is Absolutely CRUCIAL for You to Understand …

Most people writing golf books just don’t get it.

They don’t know what they’re doing. They provide incorrect information. My personal experience is that you’ll decrease your handicap greatly just by practicing the golf tips and drills you’ll get with my program.

My handicap changed hugely and dramatically when I finally figured out how to drive my tee shots with greater accuracy, hit more fairways and greens in regulation, and manage my short game with total confidence.

Before that, I was constantly searching for that ‘magic bullet’ to make me a better player.

I was NOT Born a Great Golfer

When I started playing golf in my teens, I desperately wanted to get good at hitting that little white ball five football fields away into a 4 ¼-inch hole in five strokes or less.

In the beginning I slashed at those range balls with an old persimmon 5-wood I bought, but I couldn’t get them out there more than 20 yards or so, and the divots 25!

Needless to say, I needed a transfusion from the exertion from all that swinging, but after about a week, I was finally getting them off the ground — maybe 100 yards now. I didn’t know how or why, but they were just flying better.

A stranger who was standing back watching me wear myself out hollered, “You look like your chopping birch wood…”

He explained that I was playing the ball too far back behind my right foot and hitting straight down on it like I was ‘chopping wood’.

“On top of that, your balls are headed out over the fence.”

I asked him if that was such a bad thing and he said… “Well, when they turn right going that fast it is.”

What I learned from that total stranger had nothing to do with hitting golf balls. Somebody recognized my desire to be a good player and he felt compelled to help make it better for me.

My early scores were in the 90s and within a year or so I dropped about 10 strokes to scores in the 80s with a 14 handicap. It took me about 2 ½ years to break 80.

I finally “GOT” how to hit the ball down the fairway, get on the green, and put that little ball in the cup.

For nearly 50 years now, I’ve been doing for others what that stranger did for me.

You Get on a Silver Platter EVERYTHING it Took Me Years to Figure Out

Here’s the deal. I learned nearly everything I know about golf the hard way. Through trial and error and making lots of mistakes. I couldn’t buy the information I give away so inexpensively now.

It was like a puzzle I put together one piece at a time over the years.

While I share my basic golf hints and tips, I wanted to lay out a complete course just on my methods and discoveries.

Hopefully, it’ll help others avoid having to go through the h#$@ I did to figure out the formula. And it is a formula.

I teach it step-by-step.

I’ve put all my knowledge and experience into a new course called…

38 Tips For Breaking 80: A Step-By-Step PLAN To Get You There

What makes this different is it’s a simple and easy to understand, yet powerful PLAN for dropping strokes and breaking 80. My methods and strategies are proven and they aren’t difficult to learn.

And you won’t learn them from anyone else unless someone has copied what I’ve taught them. In fact, a few people have done just that… re-wrote parts of my guide in a free or cheap-o e-book.

But honestly, their instruction doesn’t cover the key details.

Let me explain.

There is NO SECRET to breaking 80.
This PLAN is all about bringing your game to the next level. It’s stepping from an below-average or average
to a more advanced player. That’s it. A to Z. It’s the key.

I’ve seen a lot of other instruction on how to break 80. But it’s not complete. It isn’t a coherent, step-by-step, MASTER PLAN that has different parts and components all woven together and intertwined to help you get there.

You may have books or articles or manuals or whatever on lowering your golf scores. But how much have they actually helped you? Has the information worked for you? That’s the acid test.

Here’s What You Do with My MASTER PLAN

You get the step-by-step guide in the easy to read PDF format.

I explain the details and strategy of my PLAN in a simple way anyone can understand. I give you EVERYTHING.

What you do is take my plan and methods, and practice them at your own pace 3-hours a week.

I don’t care where you’re at with your game today. All of the methods presented in my guide WILL work for you if you follow my instruction.

Man, I’ve seen students blow me away right from the very first time they use my tips.

That’s how powerful this simple SYSTEM is. It took me a lifetime to finally figure it out. I’ve experimented and perfected my techniques, and then boiled everything down to a PLAN I’m confident you can follow.

The POWER and SIMPLICITY of This Golf Instruction
Will BLOW Your Mind

I’m telling you, it’ll knock your socks off.

  • Hit longer, straighter drives from your tee shots…
  • Power out of bunkers effortlessly…
  • Chip your ball exactly where you want it to land…
  • Putt with complete confidence

You’re going to have this absolutely incredible feeling of power and confidence the first time you see your score drop with this thing.

Man, it’s powerful. It’s exhilarating. It’s positively addictive.

Once you get a taste of this plan, you’ll keep going like a madman or woman. You’ll want to get out to practice or play more often. Your buddies will start to notice the difference in your performance and want to know what you’re doing. You will start shooting the BEST GOLF of your life.

Burn this into your brain…


Here’s How You Break 80…

STEP 1 : Start with a PROVEN Step-by-Step Plan

If you don’t have a plan, I suggest you create one. Or… get my proven system.

For example, a friend of mine wanted to learn how to get rid of an ugly slice and get the ball down the fairway further, so he headed for the practice range with hope he could practice enough to make those changes.

For months he worked his way through bucket after bucket of balls, tried and failed again and again to achieve his goals. It got worse when he went out to play a few rounds.

After frustrating and embarrassing himself enough times he called me for help. I suggested that he pick up “38 Tips for Breaking 80” and start following the step-by-step plan it outlines.

A couple of months later I got an email from him. The guy was ecstatic!… He wrote that by following my plan he fixed his slice, started smashing the ball with more power, distance and accuracy than he ever had before, and he no longer feared getting out of sand traps. Even better, he was shooting in the 80s consistently.


This is what drives you. It doesn’t have to be hard. You simply need to decide what you want to achieve in your game, get my 38 Tips Step-by-Step Plan, make the commitment to follow it, and you’ll see many improvements in your game.

STEP 3 : PRACTICE 3-Hours a Week

You can buy other golf instruction books. You can take private golf lessons. You can listen to your friends give you advice. You can learn on your own.

But the best thing to do is use my complete guide to help you achieve your goals.

Follow my simple, proven techniques and before you know it you’ll be playing better golf and you’ll see your handicap drop.

See how the sequence and methods all tie together?

A guy I know who uses my methods in his game recently told me, “I’m only one stroke away from breaking 80 because I’m following your instruction, Bobby.”

I can say confidently you’re only a few weeks away from a game that really rocks, and puts a big, fat grin on your face.

It takes just one.

I’ve seen things turn around overnight for my friends and people I teach. One time I showed one of my friends how to bend from the hips instead of his knees. It took all of 10 minutes. He saw instant improvement in his swing.

That’s just an example.

Man, one time I helped a friend work on his putting stroke, went home, saw him again a few days later practicing and his putting had gone absolutely bonkers! Out of
this world improvement.

Once you see results like that, you’ll never want to go back to your old way of doing things again. You’ll be hooked for life. Now, I’m not saying that will happen to every player who buys this product.

All I can share is my personal experience. What I’ve learned. Things that work for me personally as well as my friends and acquaintances in the golf world.

Why I Believe You Can Do This…

You know, I’ve been asked by many other players for advice on how to lower their handicaps. I’m happy to offer them help. But now that I know I can reach a lot more people with my book, I like that better.

Private lessons are expensive, so unless you have those dollars, you’ve really got to learn what I know for yourself… or… pickup my golf book.

I can virtually guarantee you your golf game will change dramatically and never be the same once you truly “get” how to lower your scores and break 80 using my MASTER GOLF SYSTEM.

I can’t make you “get it.” But I can lead you step-by-step so you can find your own golden key that unleashes power to break 80.

Listen up…

You don’t have to be a pro to shoot better golf.  What you do is follow my formula step-by-step. It’s all laid out for you A-Z.

Here’s what you’ll learn. I know you’ve heard all these bullets before. At least a lot of them.  But it really comes down to credibility and the ability to get results. That’s what my customers tell me I give them.

How to use a step-by-step master plan for improving your game.

Complete A to Z, what to do and how to do it guide.

What Makes My Plan Different From Everything Else?

This in-depth instruction gives you my very own detailed, very specific, paint-by-numbers PLAN for lowering your scores and taking your game to the next level.

You will NOT find a complete course like this anywhere else nor the information in it. It is totally unique.

It came from the school of hard knocks and that’s what I give you.

For maybe the FIRST time in you’re life, you will have understanding of the whole game of golf. You will understand why you don’t need expensive lessons from a golf pro. Why you really CAN do this yourself.

I know you’ve bought other golf instruction books. A few good. Maybe some you thought were junk. I’m sorry about that. That’s part of the learning curve and the price you sometimes pay.

If you’ve bought anything I offer, you know my stuff is the no-holds-barred real deal.

You Can Start Improving Your Game
in Less Than 2-Minutes From Now!

No waiting for the UPS guy to show up at your door 7-10 days from now… You can start using this guide IMMEDIATELY — You have no way to lose!

It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 am on a Sunday… you’ll get Instant Access 38 Tips for Breaking 80: A Step-By-Step Guide to Get You Thereplus… the bonuses. There’s absolutely no risk to you — so what are you waiting for? Order now!

How to Play Better Golf: 38 Tips for Breaking 80: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Get You There

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Details of theFree Bonus Series Golf Guides 4 BONUS SERIES…

Special Bonus #1

Special Bonus #1…

“How to Effectively Practice My Power Tips”

Value : $47

Nothing is better for your golf game than to use your practice time as an effective model in preparing you for all those ugly shots you encounter on the golf course. This step-by-step guide will cement into your mind all the practice drills you’ll need to prepare you for any shot on the golf course.

Special Bonus #1

Special Bonus #2…

“Crucial Golf Game Tips”

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You’ll find an assortment of great tips to help advance your game. You’ll learn the importance of ball positioning, how critical practice is to the success of your golf game, lots of basic tips, learning from the bad shots you’re making and how to correct them and why your short game is the secret code to lowering your scores.

How to Become a Great Putter

Special Bonus #3…

“How to Become a Great Putter”

Value : $67

Learn the real truths about putting. Find out what the “The Catch 22” is and how it relates to your game. Simply become a much better putter by following this easy to follow putting tips. Discover how putting technology applies to today’s putting techniques and when and if you should putt from a bunker…

Why Your Short Game is So Important

Special Bonus #4…

“Why Your Short Game is So Important”

Value : $37

Your short game is surely the key to lower scores. This book is a treasure chest of what it takes and why you should increase your skills in your short game and it starts right inside the first page of this fantastic book. Get this one in your hands today and you’ll be light years ahead in your short game in no time… I guarantee it!

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Take my product. Use it. Try it out. If you aren’t 500% thrilled, I don’t want your money. Just drop me an email anytime within 30 days and I’ll refund every dime of your money. Fair enough?

Your purchase is safe and secure, and I’m confident you’ll improve your scores if you follow the techniques I’m giving you. But if for some reason you’re not satisfied, don’t worry… I’ll buy the book back from you if you send me an email within 30 days of your purchase.

If After Using My Golf Tips and Techniques, You Don’t Take Strokes Off Your Score,
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Good luck and happy golfing,

Bobby Lewis
Bobby Lewis… a.k.a. the Vanilla Gorilla
USGTF Professional Golf Instructor
Vanilla Gorilla Golf, LLC

P.S. Remember, you’re covered by my “No-Questions-Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee. All the risk is on me, and all the benefits are on you. If it turns out that you don’t like 38 Tips For Breaking 80, simply send an email and I’ll promptly refund you in full.

P.P.S. How would you like to shoot better golf?? Shaving off even a few strokes might be all you need to finally break 80. And the best part is, it can be done in a very short amount of time. How much do you risk? ZERO! This Complete Master Plan is a Game Changer!…

This is a great deal, so don’t put it off. Go ahead and grab this valuable golf guide while you’re here, and start using it for a lifetime of good golf!