Podcast: The One Plane Swing

Podcast: The One Plane Swing

About Bobby Lewis

My specialty is teaching the one plane swing. It is simply the BEST way to swing a golf club. I have the experience, training and knowledge to help you play better golf and enjoy the game more — no matter what your level of play — and I can fix just about ANY swing. I’ve been playing 51 years, studied with some of the best golf instructors in the business… and my teaching methods work. See what my students say…


  1. Adam kessler says

    Hi Bobby my name is Adam I have tried to play single plane golf going back to the natural golf schools last year I attempted to take several lessons from a certified instructor from graves golf background was more frustrated than successful.
    I’m curious about your background where you learned the single plane golf method to teach your students and also how much are one on one lessons are thanks looking forward to your response. I am trying to emulate Bryson’s swing as best as possible !

    • Hi Adam… it’s Kerri Lewis, Bob’s wife. I’m sorry to tell you that Bobby has passed away, very suddenly and unexpectedly. He would be so pleased to know you’ve taken to the one plane swing… he genuinely believed it’s the best way to play the game. He converted to this swing many years ago because he was struggling with his own swing, and because of his passion for golf, he sought a better way to play and found it in the one plane swing. I wish he was here to teach you… he was an amazing instructor and a great guy. His book is still available, and soon, I’ll be released a series of video lessons he recorded just a few weeks before his death. They will be very helpful to those wishing to learn more about the one plane swing. Thank you for your interest and best to you.

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