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On-Course Golf Lessons

Learning how to play good golf on the course is what on-course golf lessons are all about.

Playing a round of golf is something quite different than practicing on the driving range. So it’s essential that you learn good on-course skills and the right course strategy to get the most enjoyment out of your golf outings.

Don’t get me wrong… learning the fundamentals of golf by taking lessons on the range is the right place to start – but you can’t learn the entire game just practicing on the range.

Developing your on-course playing skills is essential if you want to improve your score. You will encounter situations that can’t be taught on the range or inside a golf studio.

Do you know that over 50% of the game is played inside of 100 yards? For this reason, at least 50% of your on-course playing lesson is focused on improving your short game skills – putting, chipping, pitching, and sand play. You’ll also learn the basics of good course management.

The combination of course management skills and a solid short game will give you confidence and enable you to score better.

A Relaxed Playing Experience

It might surprise you to discover how relaxing it is playing with a golf professional. It’s a great way to build skills and confidence because you have your instructor with you to teach you what to do every shot. You benefit from 43+ years experience playing, plus you’ll enjoy yourself.

What to Expect

You’ll play 9 holes with a USGTF professional, portions of the round will be videotaped, analyzed and sent to you via email, and the lesson covers on-course instruction with emphasis on…

  • Golf Swing
  • Short Game…
    • green reading and putting
    • chipping
    • pitching
    • sand play
  • Course Strategy / Management

On-Course Golf Lesson Fee

1 Player$135
2 – 4 Players$110
Cart and green fees are not included in the on-course golf lesson fee

I’ve got the knowledge and experience to help you play better golf – no matter what your level of play. Call now to schedule your on-course golf lesson.

Buy On-Course Golf Lesson Now

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