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Golf Lessons

Golf Lessons in Ventura – Vanilla Gorilla GolfA Note to Bobby’s Followers

As most of you know, Bobby passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. The loss of this amazing man will be felt by those who knew and loved him for all time.

Golf was Bobby’s passion and he loved helping others improve their game more than anything.

While he can no longer teach in person, it would please him greatly to know you are benefiting from his work through the golf instruction guide he wrote.

“38 Tips for Breaking 80” is available at a special price for a limited time. 

Golf lessons can tremendously improve your game and help you master golf skills faster and with less frustration.

Please visit one or all of the links listed below to select the instruction you think would work best for you.

Private Golf Lessons

There are many advantages to taking private lessons…

  • Personal attention. You and I work together, one-on-one in a series of lessons that cater to your needs and help to eliminate any bad habits you might be creating. There is no substitute for the total focus on you and your game. You’ll get tips that are tailored to your personal style, personal assessment of the areas you need to work on, receive valuable feedback on your progress, learn how to avoid injuries, have all your questions answered, get specific advice, and set realistic and manageable goals.
  • Lessons are tailored to your needs and abilities. You can work on a particular skill area that you desire. Many of my students work on correcting a problem they might be having with a particular shot. My job is to help that the person I’m working understand how to correct that problem.
  • Video analysis. Watching your swing and having it correctly dissected by a skilled professional is an invaluable experience. Not only is this a tool that will help you learn more quickly, you and I are developing a mutual trust and respect while building your game.

On-Course Playing Lessons

This is where you and I go out on the golf course together and you play 9-holes. In addition to the personal instruction, I shoot video of various parts of your game, analyze it, and send the video to you so you can study your strengths and weaknesses. Actually playing a round of golf with a certified instructor is highly recommended because it is a substantially difference experience than practicing on the range.

Online Golf Lessons

Taking golf lessons online is probably the most convenient way to take golf lessons. From the comfort of your living room, you’ll get  quality golf instruction from a certified instructor. It doesn’t matter where you live, what the weather is like, or what time of day… you don’t need to leave home. And this isn’t just one lesson. Or two. Or even a series of lessons. You get unlimited lessons for one low investment.

Youth Golf Lessons

Youth golf lessons build confidence and teach the correct way to play golf right from the start. Golf can be challenging and if you want to be a skilled, confident player, lessons help you learn the game. You’ll see improvement much more quickly if you’re taught the correct way to play from the start. Our instruction blends fun, learning, and skill building seamlessly. Kids 8-16 will learn solid golf fundamentals, rules and etiquette from a USGTF certified instructor.

Book a Private Golf Lesson

For your convenience, I’ve made it easy for you to book a golf lesson online.