How to Play Better Golf and STOP Embarrassing Yourself

Attention Golfers … Learn How to PLAY BETTER GOLF
and STOP Embarrassing Yourself

If your goal is to STOP embarrassing yourself on the golf course… lower your golf scores… and finally BREAK 80… this may be the MOST IMPORTANT material you’ll ever read.

How to Play Better Golf Without Embarrassing Yourself

Now, Imagine That You Can Simply and Easily…

  • Drop six or more strokes off your scores in just a few weeks…
  • Gain 100% more skill and confidence… and…
  • Have a lot more fun playing?

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Podcast: The One Plane Swing

Podcast: The One Plane Swing

How to Play Better Golf Without Embarrassing Yourself

Attention Golfers … Learn How to Play Better Golf Without Embarrassing Yourself

If your #1 goal is to lower your golf scores… stop struggling on the golf course… shave off strokes from your scores… or… finally break 80… this may be the most important information you’ll ever read.

How to Play Better Golf Without Embarrassing Yourself

Now, imagine that you can simply and easily…

  • Drop six or more strokes off your scores in just a few weeks…
  • Gain 100% more skill and confidence… and…
  • Have a lot more fun playing?

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How the Golf World is Embracing Virtual Reality

Technology and sports have always had a close relationship. This started through the screening of live sports on television and has expanded over the years to many different mediums. The latest development to hit the golf course is the introduction of virtual reality. In February 2017 the PGA Tour gave its fans the opportunity to experience one of the world’s most famous holes, the 16th hole at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, using virtual reality (VR). The official site informs that the videos are shown on Samsung Gear VR and are powered by Oculus.

Golf World is Embracing Virtual Reality

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Fans were able to try four VR videos. The first two allowed the fans to experience one-on-one practice sessions with PGA tour players Patrick Rodgers and Peter Mainnati. The third video gave golf fans the chance to be on the 16th hole with Rickie Fowler while the fourth was a behind-the scenes look at the PGA Tour Live broadcast. The aim of the VR experience is to give fans an immersive PGA experience from their living room while also giving them some pointers to help them improve their own game. It is a chance to feel what it is like to be next to some of the world’s best golfers as they play.

Talk Android reports that the videos were produced by IM360, a company known for 360-degree video capture. Rich Flier, IM360’s spokesperson said, “It was a thrill and an honor to deliver a one-one-a-kind VR experience featuring the world’s top golf pros.” The PGA hopes to expand the VR experience to other courses in the future.

Golf World is Embracing Virtual Reality

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Virtual reality at golf tournaments is just a continuation of creating a better fan experience. Bringing the golf experience into a fan’s home is nothing new and has proven to be popular among players. For example, TruGolf is a professional golf simulator that allows players to hit actual balls at a screen and have the ball continue in a virtual world. The official site states that many golf pros have found these simulations both useful and time efficient compared to practicing on a course.

Recreational golf fans have also been able to indulge in their love of the sport through golf games on the Wii and other platforms. Games such as Tiger Woods PGA Tour is considered to be one of the major reasons for the Wii’s success as it is the closest people who had never played golf could get to playing. Slingo a digital site renowned for classic casino games has also been combining sport and technology through titles such as Centre Court which allows sports fans to use their knowledge of the sport on a different platform. Like the VR at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, fans get to experience the sport from the comfort of their own homes and is a major reason as to why the aforementioned Slingo title has become such a big hit with tennis fans.

VR in golf is taking steps to become a fully immersive experience. In the next few years fans may be able to view live games through a VR headset and get data not available to fans watching on television. For golf fans this presents an exciting opportunity to learn about the game from the best players in the world without leaving the comfort of their own home.

What is the One Plane Swing

The one plane golf swing is not new. Recreational golfers have been using it successfully for decades.

The One Plane Swing is an Easier, Quicker, More Accurate and Repeatable Swing Than the Traditional Swing

Zach Johnson - One Plane Swing

Tour players known for who use the one plane swing or a flatter swing much like the one plane swing include…

  • Bryson DeChambeau
  • Matt Kuchar
  • Zach Johnson
  • Jason Dufner
  • Lee Westwood
  • Ricky Fowler
  • Carl Pettersson
  • Tom Pernice
  • Ben Hogan
  • Moe Norman

Today, the one plane swing is finally getting the recognition it deserves. In fact, it’s growing in popularity because it’s a swing that’s more repeatable, requires less practice, is easier on the back, and you will find yourself making more consistent shots with fewer hooks and slices.

The one plane swing…

Matt Kuchar - One Plane Swing

  • Produces more consistent ball striking
  • Helps to eliminate bad shots… which leads to lower scores
  • Requires less body rotation… which means it’s easier on your back, shoulders, knees…
  • Is a simpler swing that gives players who might think it’s too frustrating or hard the incentive to give golf another chance

How you can expect to benefit…

  • For high handicappers, the one plane swing is probably the quickest way to lower your score.

This is because with the one plane swing, you’re far more likely to hit the ball straight almost every time you address it

  • You’ll learn how to eliminate those bad shots that keep you from scoring well.

You’ll spend less time on the driving range working on your swing and more time on your short game where 60% of scoring actually occurs.

  • Busy people with not a lot of free time can enjoy a fun, respectable and rewarding round of golf without the need for constant practice.
  • You’ll feel the power and efficiency of the swing immediately with the drills and adjustments in your swing I recommend for you.

With more consistent ball striking and an improved short game using the recommended practice techniques, you’ll improve your scores in a very short time.

  • The one plane swing requires less body twisting, so it puts less stress on your body.

You can play more and with less discomfort… which enables you to play the game you love.

MOST IMPORTANTLY… Once you learn the one plane swing, you’ll experience a whole lot less frustration… the game will get a lot easier for you… and you’ll start having a lot more fun on the golf course!

3 Golf Lessons for $150

3 Golf Lessons for $150

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Celebrating Opening of Golf Season!

The golf season has finally arrived and just about everyone I meet on the golf course tells me how anxious they are to tighten up their game. Yep… the golf bug has definitely bitten!

Maybe you want to gain more distance… fix that slice… or just play better golf so you can get your scores down. Whatever it is, I’d like to help you make it happen.

So, to get you off to a good start, you can get 3 golf lessons for $150 during the month of March!

That’s a huge savings of $55 off the regular price.

3-Golf lesson package includes…

  • Three 90-minute lessons
  • Before and after video with each lesson
  • Lesson book in print
  • Drills and techniques to practice on your own
  • Open-ended coaching

This sale is going on now, so if you’re ready to get your game tuned-up, reserve your spot today.

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6 Simple Strategies to Help You Master the Mental Game of Golf

Brandt Snedeker shot an impressive 67 on a very difficult course to win the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am (2015) for the second time in three years. There’s little doubt his victory came in large part because of his confidence and positive attitude.

6 Simple Strategies to Help You Master the Mental Game of GolfSnedeker’s performance was nearly flawless during the final round that enabled him to successfully negotiate the three-stroke victory and set a 72‑hole scoring record of 20 under. He put together what he called “probably the best thinking week I’ve had on the PGA Tour”.

So what brought about this remarkable victory? How was he able to hold up under tremendous pressure to achieve this victory?

Although Snedeker spent months reworking his swing under Butch Harmon’s coaching, it’s pretty clear that the real work came in strengthening his mental game, which in my opinion, is equally, if not more important than any other aspect of the game.

Your mental state can make or break you out on the course. When the game gets tough and you’re frustrated because you feel like you’re not making the shots you want, you’ve got to be able to do something as simple as staying focused on your strengths to help you relax and achieve the success you want.

One exercise that can create a positive mental image during play is to focus on a time when you were playing well. What specifically were you doing? This kind of positive thinking is like pumping you with pure confidence to help you perform at your best — and enjoy the game.

Recalling successful experiences is central to mastering your emotions and developing a strong mental game. Golfers who can replay key successful moments in vivid detail have an enormous advantage over those who lack this skill. Think about numerous situations that have happened on the golf course when you performed brilliantly.

Here are 6 SIMPLE strategies to train your mind to stay positive… 

  1. Set some goals. In setting goals, you need to be honest with yourself about your game. Does your ball-striking need improvement? Maybe your chipping… pitching… or sand play isn’t what it could be. Possibly your attitude or mental game needs work. You might need a better attitude toward putting, or you maybe you need to be better at staying in the present. This exercise will help you set goals that are right for you.
  2. Maintain a good state of mind. When you get frustrated, irritated or mad on the golf course because of a bad shot or some other mistake, you’re not staying in the present. Instead, your mind is focused on the shot you’ve already played, which is in the past. These negative emotions produce tension into your body which impedes rhythm, and it hinders your effort to keep your mind and body in a state where you play your best golf. You need to learn to accept whatever happens and move on. Acceptance is not weakness. It’s how you develop strength and mental toughness — it’s how you become more resilient and learn to recover from errors to finish with a good score.
  3. Collect photos. Technology can help build your mental game. You probably have a mobile phone, so use it to take a photo of the course where you had that amazing round. Even better, have a friend take a picture of you standing proudly on the 18th green with your scorecard. Keep this photo handy, and refer back to it before you go play.
  4. Enjoy the challenge. Golf is a game of mistakes. You sometimes miss fairways, greens and putts. The wind blows, there are divots and imperfections to deal with, tall grass, hazards and ever changing conditions. You can either fight the game every time you go out, or you can accept the challenges and learn how to react to the inevitable misfortunes you’ll face. You’ll never have total control of the golf ball, but you do have control of your attitude.
  5. Play to win. Don’t get too concerned about not being bad — just play to win. Every golfer has the potential to be better, and using your mind is one essential way to improve. You have free will and the choices you make with it will determine the quality of your golf game, as well as the quality of your life. Having control of your mind and using it properly is key. You will never know if you have the ability to be a better player, or the best player at your course, unless you commit to improving your physical and mental skills.
  6. Create a victory log. Memories can easily fade and details of a great round misremembered, so don’t rely on your memory alone. Keep the details in a victory log. Write down what happened when you have a great day on the course… and don’t forget to say how you felt. Also, be sure to record the time and date. Then, every so often, refer back to your victory log to keep your greatness fresh in your mind.

Golf is a game of confidence and competence. If your physical skills are lacking, you’re not going to be able to transform your game simply through positive thinking, although it will definitely help.

Unless your mind is functioning well when you play golf, your body is going to falter and you won’t play well. If your head is filled with bad thoughts, your scorecard is going to be full of bad strokes.

Confident golfers think about what they want to happen on the course. Golfers who lack confidence think about the things they don’t want to happen. That’s all confidence is. It’s not arrogance. It’s not experience. It’s simply thinking about the things you want to happen on the golf course.

So, like Brandt Snedeker, it pays to work on the mechanics of your game AND devote equal or greater time to working on your mental game.

Mastering your insecurities and controlling your mental state will make you rich in mental and emotional toughness, and turn your game into one where you score well and enjoy yourself like never before.

Is Golf Good for Older Beginner Golfers?

Even if you’ve never picked up a golf club, starting now might be easier than you think

Older GolfersYour friends play golf, colleagues from the office have invited you out, and even your spouse has picked up the game. But you’ve never taken much interest in golf.

But now, you’re finally at a point where you’ve got more time on your hands and you’re starting to take a look at the game with a more serious eye. You notice that there seems to be a lot of interest in the game among people closer to your age than ever before.

Still, you’re older and you’ve never played before, so you’re wondering if it’s too late to take up the game of golf.

Nope. Unless you can’t move, it’s never too late. In fact, golf facilities and equipment manufacturers are catering to new golfers like never before. It’s actually a great time for someone considering taking up the game.

Golf is no longer considered just a hobby for retirement — it has become a more active and engaging sport.

People are drawn to golf for a variety of reasons — mainly because of family and friends — and most want to be good at it. So if you’re considering starting golf, let’s talk about what you need to consider to enjoy the game.

The questions that come up most often for those considering starting golf is — “…are there special considerations for lessons, equipment or courses to keep in mind?”

Sure, and I’ll go over each of these for you…

Should I take golf lessons from a professional instructor?

I definitely recommend it. Finding a qualified instructor and taking lessons is guaranteeing yourself some success. Golf is not an easy game to go out there and learn on your own, or from a well-meaning friend or family member. A professional instructor will save you a lot of frustration by helping you learn how to feel the correct motion in your golf swing and eliminate any bad habits you might be creating.

A professional instructor can also give an objective appraisal of your skill, help you set realistic and manageable goals, and provide you with the technical know-how you need to become a good player. He can spot your flaws and offer suggestions on how to correct them. He can personally assess what areas you need to work on, whether it’s your posture, alignment or swing control. And taking lessons can give you feedback on your progress, allow you to ask all the questions you have, and learn how to avoid injuries.

A golf instructor will tailor lessons to your needs and abilities, and deliver information in a way you you can easily understand, which will help you master your golf skills faster.

A few instructors will also videotape your lessons (as I do my students). Watching yourself swing and having it correctly dissected by a skilled professional is an invaluable learning tool. The work you do with a good instructor creates a unique dialogue of trust and respect while you’re building your game.

Read what my students say about my golf instruction →

Do I need an instructor who specializes in older golfers?

Not necessarily. What you need is an instructor who can show you how to get a natural, powerful swing — one that’s on plane according to your body’s own mechanics —that’s easy on your body and that can dependably deliver consistent shots.

What golf equipment will I need?

You’re going to need a set of clubs that fit you — meaning fit to your size, swing speed and strength. I can recommend websites where you can get that. I can also say that you get the codes. You don’t need to pay a bunch for them, though. Regardless of the set you choose, I highly recommend getting a custom fitting from an expert who can guide you into the right set for you.

A club fitting takes about 30–60 minutes and can cost $50 to $75, which most stores will credit back to you in the price of your set. The value of the fitting is in the time, frustration and money it can save you later. All too often I see beginners who buy a driver or a set of irons that doesn’t fit his/her personal characteristics… and they never really get the benefit of that club.

Don’t make this mistake. Most golf pros are able to help you with this important decision.

You might want to check out my take on same length golf clubs before you make a decision.

So I’ve had some lessons and I’ve got my clubs. Is it time to hit the links?

Some new players have this misconception that you’ve got to be able to play 18 holes before you ever walk out on a course, but that’s just not true. What I say is to relax, think about what you’ve learned from your instruction, and enjoy the game. Playing a round will get you into the flow of the golf course and a sense of what you’re doing.

You won’t be perfect — you’ll have some successes and some failures — and that’s okay. Enjoying your time out there is what it’s all about. As a beginner golfer, you can’t take a 20 on the first hole and have any fun. You just can’t enjoy yourself. So, if you hit a few bad shots and you’re struggling, pick it up and go to the next hole if you want. And if you’re playing with a group who think it’s wrong to do that, you’re playing with the wrong group.

What should I look for when choosing a course to play?

You’ll feel less pressure if you call up the course and say, “We’re a group of new golfers and we don’t have a lot of experience, but we want to come and play your course. When would be a good time of day when the course isn’t so busy and we wouldn’t feel rushed?” I see a lot of beginners who go out at the end of the day, thinking there won’t be much going on. But for a lot of courses, that’s the busiest time for singles or twosomes to go out — this is a time when a slow foursome really is in the way.

The golf shop will be able tell you the best time for you and/or your group to go out — it’s important to ask before you book a tee time.

As an older beginner golfer, is there any areas of the game I might see an advantage?

Definitely. Older golfers tend to be more level-headed, so you often learn to be a much better manager of the game out on the course. You have the maturity to play your own game rather than try to imitate one of the touring pros you’ve seen on TV. Most older golfers have the attitude that you’re going to play your own game and you don’t worry about what other golfers do.

Beginners often feel shy or embarrassed about using the senior or ladies tees. Should they?

Not at all. In fact, I think beginner players need to start using these tees more. Golf is not an easy game and one of the reasons many stop playing is because it’s too hard for them. So, as a new golfer, definitely go for the closer tee boxes. You’ll give yourself of much better chance of hitting the ball where you want it to go, and you’ll enjoy the success you get doing it.

Are there mental or physical health benefits of golf for older players?

Absolutely. Walking 9 holes or 18 holes gives you a great cardiovascular workout. Compare spending a couple of hours on the golf course versus being on a treadmill — I’m betting you’ll have a lot more fun playing golf! Also, being out on a golf course is a great way to relax and socialize with others.

The Truth About Single Length Golf Clubs

After playing golf for nearly 50 years, it’s fair to say I’ve tried every major golf club there is. Most of the big names build very respectable clubs and irons, but for a variety of reasons, I have never been completely satisfied with any of them.

That dissatisfaction kept me searching for clubs that would work better for me, and my pursuit eventually led me to the One Iron Golf System.

What are One Iron Golf Clubs?

Single-Length Golf Clubs

Single-Length Golf Clubs

These are golf clubs that are all the same length — custom fitted to my body.  Head weight, shaft weight, grip weight, swing weight, flex point and center of gravity are identical in all of my clubs, making the overall feel the same from one club to another.

From my own experience, I’ve come to the opinion that single-length sets are superior to conventional sets.

One Irons vs Conventional Sets

Conventional irons and woods from club makers such as Callaway or Titleist are made with a ½ inch incremental progression between each club and varying club head lie angles throughout a set. Besides your driver and putter, this means you carry 12 clubs… with 12 different lengths… and 12 different lie angles.

This is done so that anyone can walk into a golf shop and buy a set of clubs that will come close to fitting you right off the shelf, regardless of your size.

Because building clubs this way is standard practice, most golfers take it for granted that the progressive lengths are essential to the game. The reality is that building clubs and woods to different lengths has nothing to do with performance. This is done solely for the benefit of mass production — it’s simply cheaper to do it this way.

Proper custom fitting from the manufacturer has been abandoned altogether, which in fairness, would be impossible anyway. But the practice of adding length to each club simply does not make for better golf. The loft angle is what matters for loft and distance.

How Single-Length Sets of Golf Clubs Can Maximize Your Golfing Potential

Single-length golf clubs and the one plane swing were made for each other. The one plane swing produces a dramatic increase in ball striking consistency because there are fewer moving parts. Add a set of clubs that have the same length, weight, flex, etc., and you’ve got a powerful match.

One Swing PlaneWith a conventional set of clubs, you must learn and master 12 different swings using 12 different postures, swing planes, and ball positions. This means a lot of practice and it’s likely you’re going to have trouble making this work for you consistently.

With a set of clubs all the same length and custom fitted to you along with the one plane swing, you concentrate on one swing… one posture… one ball position. This makes it easy and repeatable.

This chart shows the loft, lie, weight, offset and bounce of every iron in a set of one irons:


IronLoft AngleLie AngleHead WeightOffsetBounce
3 Iron1963.5273 g3.175 mm3
4 Iron2363.5273 g3.175 mm3
5 Iron2763.5273 g3.175 mm3
6 Iron3163.5273 g3.175 mm3
7 Iron3563.5273 g3.175 mm3
8 Iron3963.5273 g3.175 mm3
9 Iron4363.5273 g3.175 mm3
PW4763.5273 g3.175 mm3
GW5163.5273 g3.175 mm3
SW5563.5273 g3.175 mm3
LW5963.5273 g3.175 mm3


With every club the same length, every club in your bag will feel like that favorite iron you find so comfortable. Every club in the set fits property which allow you to make a fluid, power swing.

It just makes sense that in order for you to maximize your golfing potential, all of the irons within your set should have the same fitting and dynamic attributes as your favorite iron (same length, weight, flex, etc.).

The benefits of a set of single length clubs will allow you to experience your true ball striking potential…

  • One swing and one swing plane for all of the irons
  • One set-up and ball position at address for all of the irons

The Results

  • Dramatic improvement in ball striking
  • Greater power that produces increased distance with every iron in the bag
  • Stunning control/accuracy for pin-point shot making

Why I Recommend Same Length 1 Iron Golf Clubs

  • Design Consistency. The 1 Irons are very consistent in their design. There is no progressive offset, no weight change with the Sand Wedge, or no variation in bounce (except for the Sand Wedge) with the 1 Irons.
  • Full Set of Clubs. Although most people have trouble hitting a conventional 3-iron and would do better with a hybrid, the 1 Irons still offer a full set for those that want to go all irons.
  • Loft/Lie Drift. Because the 1 Irons are made with a harder-type cast steel (17-4 stainless), you won’t have to worry as much about the loft and lie angles drifting over time.
  • Left Handed Clubs. If you are a left-handed golfer, fortunately they are available for you.
  • Customer Service. It is excellent. They have responded thoughtfully to every email I’ve ever sent and every phone call I’ve made. And I’m not alone. Other people around the internet seem to have the same experience as me.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. You have to be willing to step outside the box to try same length clubs, and the fact is that they won’t be for everyone. If you aren’t sure, you can order them without fear because you have the option of getting your money back in full — with no questions asked. I don’t know of any other custom club maker that offers a risk-free guarantee like this.
  • Discounts and Coupons. You’ll get some special bonuses when you mention a Coupon Code 10602 with your purchase.

Every year new golf clubs come on the market and each manufacturer raves about all the new specs and improvements that lead you to believe that new club is the one that will finally improve your rounds.

Problem with that theory is that every year supposedly brings a better club. If that were true, then why have golf scores not improved over the past 75 years?

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of all the shiny new toys, but try to resist temptation — don’t plunk down your hard earned cash unless you’re confident the latest and greatest will benefit your game, especially if you are new to golf.

Finding Your Ideal Set

The feel of your irons and the swing you use is essential for consistency and successful golf. Every year new golf clubs come on the market and each manufacturer raves about all the new specs and improvements that lead you to believe that the new club is the one that will finally improve your rounds.

As I said at the beginning of this — I’ve tried every major golf club there is, and I believe that single-length clubs make the most sense for most players.

If you’re considering new clubs, I would love to discuss my reasons for recommending the one irons with you. Call me at 805-275-2236.

Ready to try single length golf clubs?

Single Length Clubs Coupon Code

  1. Go to and make you club selection.
  2. Enter your wrist-to-floor measurement, right or left hand and quantity … click “Add to Shopping Cart” button.
  3. On the Shopping Cart page, enter coupon code 10602 — you’ll get a nice gift.

Questions? Give me a call…